Userscript for full-width Invidious videos


Invidious is an alternative front-end to YouTube that without ads or tracking. Their normal layout has large margins on both sides of the video. This simple userscript removes margins around the video player, making videos full-width, which is more usable on a multi-monitor setup. Userscripts are javascript files that run on your browser and customize websites on-the-fly, adding new features or...

Dynamic virtualhost for Apache httpd.conf


If you’re using a vps without a control panel for hosting websites, adding new websites to Apaches configuration might be a bit difficult. Dynamic VirtualHosts to the rescue! Using a simple VirtualHost command in Apache’s httpd.conf, you can have Apache use dynamic virtualhosts, meaning that Apache serves a website using the requested url. With this, opening a website for a new domain is as easy...