Open Zoom meetings from Linux terminal

For those of us familiar with the command line, opening a recurring zoom link with a terminal command can make the tedious job of clicking through the calendar software take a fraction of a second.

function zoom() {
    if [[ ${#} -eq 2 ]]; then
        xdg-open "zoommtg://${${1//-}// }&pwd=${2}"
    elif [[ $[#] -eq 1 ]]; then
        xdg-open "zoommtg://${${1//-}// }"
        echo "Error: Syntax is zoom <conference id> [password]"
alias daily='zoom 123-456-789'
alias secretmeet='zoom 234567890 31337'

Adding the code above to your aliases allows you to open your daily zoom link by just typing ‘daily’ in your terminal. You can add multiple aliases for different meetings.

For Mac OSX, you’ll need to replace ‘xdg-open’ with plain ‘open’


  • <conference id> can be any number or string.
    All occurences of ‘-‘ are removed, so that you can enter the id number with or without grouping.
  • [password] optionally include the required password after the conference id

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