About me

My work

I’ve worked as a teacher, programmer, project manager, IT Architect and CTO. Currently I’m a System Architect for Research IT at university of Turku and run an IT consultancy firm called eDeus. I’m involved in a couple of startups and associations, and generally keep myself busy with work and hobbies. Full CV at LinkedIn.

What should we do?

I’m interested in what people should do, both in the practical sense of what works and in the moral sense of what is right. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to combine my interests in Ethics and Technologies in both my research and work as a research system architect.

My research

I’m writing my doctoral thesis on internet censorship and the ethics of free speech. I’m also working part-time as a researcher with Future Ethics and Work Informatics. My research interests encompass new technologies and us, the people using them. More precisely, this includes topics such as Information Systems, IS Ethics and Work Informatics.

About this site

Naskali.fi is a self-hosted WordPress site containing my personal musings. No cookies except for commenting, no tracking, no nonsense. Most images are from Unsplash, a great site with free photos from generous photographers.

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