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Privacy-conscious DNS servers

While it’s incredibly convenient to use Google’s DNS server, they log your IP address for 48 hours and analyse usage data, storing some information permanently. As Google is basically an ad agency and collets a lot of information about people using their other services, it’s good to have some alternatives.

Remote battery status with Zooper Widget and Tasker

I have a plethora of gadgets scattered around my home and office, and they all need periodic charging. I decided to try out some of the functions of Tasker, AutoRemote and Zooper to get (close to) real-time information on the battery status of my devices. Here’s how I went about it.

ETHICOMP 2018 presentation in Sopot, Poland

I presented a paper titled ‘Hate speech recognition AI – a new method for censorship?’ (Heimo, Naskali & Kimppa 2018) at Ethicomp 2018 this Monday. The paper looks at the problems of modern governmental censorship using AI. In it we argue that there is no major ethical theory in which the censorship itself is justified, and that the use of AI in censoring hate speech is an immoral act in itself.

WIS 2018 presentation in Turku, Finland

While there are hundreds of descriptive models for mapping organizational development, they offer little on the way of practical decision-making tools. I presented a Work Informatics paper on business development at Well-being in the information society 2018. The paper detailed a new prescriptive tool for SMEs that aims to answer the question:

Mill''s four Grounds for Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is generally regarded as a basic and indivisible human right. It is that, of course, but it is also the basis of western liberal society, and there are important rational arguments for it.

GitHub vs Bitbucket

Where should I host my source code? Two of the most prominent project hosts are GitHub and BitBucket. GitHub has a larger community, with heavy emphasis on open-source, but Bitbucket also has its fans, especially for closed-source projects. Here’s a quick comparison of their feature sets.

Shadowrun4 dice roller

I got a few requests for the old Shadowrun SR4 RPG dice roller, which I thought nobody used anymore. Here it is again, totally out-of-date.