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Juhani Naskali

System Architect & IT ethics researcher

Interested in AI, free speech, cyber security, censorship, open source and ethical ontology.


EnsimmĂ€isen kirjan julkaisu maanantaina 😁

Kyberturvan pelisÀÀnnöt pienyrityksille (kavereille Kyberturvakirja) on helposti lÀhestyttÀvÀ kirja kyberturvan hallinnoinnista, arvioinnista ja kehittÀmisestÀ pienen yrityksen pienin resurssein. Kirjan loppuosassa kootaan yhteen yleiset kyberturvan perusteet aakkostettuina pelisÀÀntöinÀ.

Maanantaina myös eKirja julkaistaan ilmaiseksi verkossa, ja kirjan kÀsikirjoitus siirtyy Githubiin vapaasti muokattavaksi avoimen CC-BY-lisenssin alla.

Kirjoittajat: Juhani Naskali, Mikko Vermanen, Jani Koskinen

Julkaisutilaisuus Turussa ensi maanantaina klo 14:

2023-09-19 14:58

People get creative when things appear without effort 😄

"More than 15 billion images created using text-to-image algorithms since last year. To put this in perspective, it took photographers 150 years, from the first photograph taken in 1826 until 1975, to reach the 15 billion mark."

AI Has Already Created As Many Images As Photographers took in 150 Years. Statistics for 2023

2023-08-16 21:10

"Think of the kids" must be the worst argument ever for restricting adult access to information.

Banning depressive or anxiety-inducing content would criminalize reporting most of what happens in the world. Oppressive governments? Nope! Climate change? No such thing! That hurricane closing in? Stop worrying the kids! đŸ€Š

The U.S. Government Wants To Control Online Speech to “Protect Kids” | Electronic Frontier Foundation

2023-08-12 09:19

Kyberturvan pelisÀÀnnöt pienyrityksille


I wrote a book with Mikko Vermanen and Jani Koskinen, called Kyberturvan pelisÀÀnnöt pienyrityksille (Ground Rules of Cyber Security for Small Businesses). It was published by university of Turku, and is freely available online (in Finnish). The book includes basic information on cyber security management—how to conduct a risk analysis, manage strategic components of information security and assess its current state. It also lists the generally adviseable ground rules of…

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Currently working as a Information System Architect for Research IT at university of Turku, while part-timing as a doctoral researcher.

Future Ethics Researcher

Finding things out about modern culture, ethics and technology at the Future Ethics research group, Turku School of Economics.

System Architect

Developing and consulting on new research information systems that serve people over things.

Private Tech Consultant

Web development and ethical work informatics consulting at Suotava and eDeus

I’m interested in what we should do using technology. Both in the practical sense, of what’s the most prudent use of tech to reach real-world goals, and in the ethical sense of what’s right.

I’ve worked as a teacher, programmer, consultant, project manager, IT Architect and CTO. Currently, I’m an Information System Architect for Research IT at University of Turku. I design the technical side of research platforms, such as Flavoria, a lunch restaurant that incorporates smart scales and multi-sensory environments.

I’m a founding member of Suotava Oy (Oughtness Inc), who specialize in ethical IS consulting. I also run a small-time IT consultancy firm called eDeus, where I try to keep up with what’s new in practical web development.

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