Privacy-conscious DNS servers

While it’s incredibly convenient to use Google’s DNS server, they log your IP address for 48 hours and analyse usage data, storing some information permanently. As Google is basically an ad agency and collets a lot of information about people using their other services, it’s good to have some alternatives.

Easy instructions on how to change your DNS servers can be found, for example, on Cloudflare’s DNS information page (scroll down a bit).

Cloudflare & APNIC

If you’re looking for memorable DNS IP addresses, you can’t do much better than OpenNIC’s and (1.1 for short). They don’t log IP addresses, and have been audited by KPMG to that extent. Their privacy policy does mention some logging for performance and operational research purposes, but they claim to not retain any personal information nor share any information they gather with third parties. IPv6 is available.

Cloudflare sells network services and not ads, so it should be a pretty safe choice. More information about Cloudflare DNS


OpenNIC is an organization run by IT enthusiasts that provides open DNS services. They run a network with many servers, and you can easily find your closest servers on their homepage OpenNIC.org. IPv6 is available.

If you wish to use open and democratic DNS servers with no corporate oversight, OpenNIC is a good choice.

UncensoredDNS (aka censurfridns.dk)

UncensoredDNS is run by a private person who used to administer Danish ISP DNS servers, which included censorship blocklists. The servers ( and been around for many years and seem stable. The service FAQ states that “absolutely nothing is being logged” and the motivation behind starting the service was to provide DNS without censorship. IPv6 is available. More information about UncensoredDNS

If you’re searching for uncensored servers run by a trustworthy individual, UncensoredDNS is a good choice.

Other privacy-friendly DNS providers

Hurricane Electric

Hurricane Electric is an internet backbone provider that runs an extensive DNS server network. Their DNS servers run at and 2001:470:20::2.

DNS Watch

German DNS provider with no logging and no censorship policies. IPv6 available. https://dns.watch/


Romanian DNS provider that has a no logging policy. https://freedns.zone/en/

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