WIS 2018 presentation in Turku, Finland

While there are hundreds of descriptive models for mapping organizational development, they offer little on the way of practical decision-making tools. I presented a Work Informatics paper on business development at Well-being in the information society 2018. The paper detailed a new prescriptive tool for SMEs that aims to answer the question:

“Given the limited resources, such as skills, money and time, that SMEs have available1, what should our next business development project entail?”

The paper describes a Business Transformation Map as a prescriptive tool and details its use. We also share our example cases, where businesses used the tool to identify their business development needs and next steps in business development. Both the case results and the conference discussion after my presentation were very positive, and we’re planning to develop the model further.

Full paper available per request on Researchgate. Link below.

Naskali, J., Kaukola, J., Matintupa, J., Ahtosalo, H., Jaakola, M., & Tuomisto, A. (2018, September). Mapping Business Transformation in Digital Landscape: A Prescriptive Maturity Model for Small Enterprises. In International Conference on Well-Being in the Information Society (pp. 101-116). Springer, Cham.

  1. Jones, O., Macpherson, A., Thorpe, R., Ghecham, A.: The evolution of business knowledge in SMEs: conceptualizing strategic space. Strategic Change. 16: 281-294 (2007).[]

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