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There are hundreds of open source licenses, based on the idea of free (as in liberty) software. I gave a presentation for the UTU course Intellectual Property Rights and Research examining open source licenses.

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Short summary on choosing an open-source license:

  • Want it open, easy and don’t care about much else? You probably want MIT
  • Want it open, but forbid adaptations or commercial use? You probably want one of the Creative Commons licenses
  • Want it open, and want to keep derivates open and free, securing Freedom 0 for users in the future (and hold less rights for yourself, e.g. patents)? You probably want GNU GPLv3

More options categorized on Github’s Choose a license.

presentation PDF

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Juhani Naskali

IT System Architect and PhD Candidate at University of Turku, member of Future Ethics research group, consultant, programmer, physics enthusiast and nerd.

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