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Here's a quick Top 10 post on censored Android apps. Each includes a link in the topic, a short description and a direct QR code for you to get at it.


Ad killer for Android. This app utilizes the local hosts file to block any outgoing connections to known ad servers. In English: it doesn't slow down your phone.

Amazon Appstore

This alternative app store has reviewers much more critical towards apps that request excessive permissions and breach privacy. The real kicker, though, is the free app of the day: a different paid app discounted 100% every day.


Another alternative app store - this time for open source apps. A keeper.


A good Game Boy Advanced emulator. It hasn't been updated since 2013, but the app is still fit for use.


A music player to rival Spotify.

Show Box

An app to stream movies and tv series directly to your phone (or wirelessly to the big screen, with apps like Yatse or AllCast). Please be aware that streaming some content might be illegal in parts of the world.


An app for you to download Youtube videos for offline use. Good for stashing something to watch on your phone/pad for those lenghty flights.

Evil(ish) Apps


An Android network analysis and penetration suite in the right hands - an infernal prank box in the wrong hands. Can replace all website images with (for example) pictures of kittens on the fly, as long as you're on the same WiFi network. Can also be used for good. Root required.


If you ever need to disable the wireless internet connection for a local device, this app functions as a kill button. Finally a family dinner without Facebook. Includes ads and a time limit of 5 minutes, unless you pay. Root required


Bomb Gaza

No link to this one, but you can read about it on Listed as an extra, because I haven't played the game myself, and can't really claim it to be top anything (it most likely isn't).

Bomb Gaza Android Game

While the other apps on this list have been removed either because they prevent Google from making more money (competitor's app stores and ad blockers are against Google's Content Policy) or they infringe on copyright or data protection laws (again, against Content Policy), Bomb Gaza was removed because it might be considered offensive, which I find interesting.

I find it concerning that corporations (have to?) take it upon themselves to decide what people are mature enough to handle. I'd be very interested in knowing who ultimately decided for me that this was not satirical or thought-provoking, but an objectively and undisputably bad influence.

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Juhani Naskali

The not-so-famous IT-specialist from Finland.

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